About Us

Venesky & Company (V&C)

V&C was established to partner with NYS Counties and Community Colleges in obtaining reimbursements from the Federal and State governments by calculating Indirect Costs, Maintenance in Lieu of Rent, Article 6 Quarterly Claims, and preparing Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports. V&C is one of the most respected providers of governmental accounting services in NYS, and we maintain an extensive knowledge base on regulations/legislation affecting government entities. V&C provides timely and reliable personal service to our clients, and can adapt quickly to changes in reimbursement opportunities thereby positioning our clients to obtain maximum Federal and State reimbursements. In addition, our large network of contacts enables us to provide our clients with information, best practices, and solutions employed by their counterparts.

Core Values

Value #1

  • We are dedicated to providing the highest level of Customer Service and Satisfaction.

Value #2

  • We will never compromise our Integrity.

Value #3

  • We strive to Innovate every day.

Value #4

  • We believe that Commitment to our employees is the key to our success.

Vision Statement

Become the go to company to solve problems for our clients by identifying revenue opportunities and by providing accounting services, education, and software.


Success at Venesky & Company is measured in terms of our clients’ satisfaction. Meeting your unrecognized needs is our focus everyday. Our staff works tirelessly to solve your problems and address your questions in an accurate and efficient manner.


Venesky & Company encourages all staff members to contribute to a positive and productive environment where everyone can be innovative and strive everyday to make everything they touch better. A culture of hard work but a company where we can enjoy our time together and prosper as a team. A culture that values a great work life balance.