Maintenance in Lieu of Rent Report

2 CFR Part 200 – Appendix V

FRM Volume 3, Chapter 24

The Space Occupancy Cost Analysis (SOCA) Report analyzes the capital and operating costs associated with maintaining and occupying space within various buildings. The model computes the capital and operating cost per net usable square foot of occupancy. This analysis becomes the basis for departments to claim Federal and State cost reimbursements in the form of Maintenance in Lieu of Rent (MLR / MILOR).


The Service Package may include:

  • Conduct meetings with the appropriate County officials
  • Review ALL expenses and revenues – General / Capital Funds
  • Report to Management
  • Detailed departmental claiming instructions
  • Electronic distribution of reports and letters
  • Statement of Estimated Annual Maintenance Costs’ (LDSS-4927)
  • Public Health MILOR Calculation
  • Comparable Space Analysis